It all started with a phone call I remember. It was holi. I called up my extended family to wish them. In conversation, I got to know that they were planning a trip to Sri Lanka. I was excited, without thinking once I just told them that I will also join. They already had their tickets booked from Delhi. I was the only one from Mumbai without tickets and without any plan, but with strong determination. Nevertheless, I just got my tickets booked and visa was done With all this, the excitement was increasing day by day as I had heard a lot about the place by my friends.

The day came close and just 1 day before I got down with 102ºC fever. People around me told me to cancel the trip and rest. I was in a dilemma as my mind was not ready to accept to leave the trip but my body was giving up on it. Finally,it was the day , I woke up and told myself that I will not give up.

I threw some clothes from my closet in my bag, kept my camera .and my bag was ready so was I.

My bag was ready and so was I.

and off I went to  the airport.

With all that firmness and determination in my heart, I had already started feeling a bit better. I stepped in the airbus and slept  off.  And suddenly there was  a creeping realization that I am away from my motherland  and heading to foreign shores.

After checking into my hotel in Negombo, I crashed into my bed after taking my pills dutifully. Next day,thanks to the courteous staff and weather of Lanka ,  I woke up to a fresh morning, cool breeze and a soothing music.

I was already feeling livelier compared to the dullness of  yesterday . After a bath, I  did yoga,  rolled up my sleeves ,picked the camera and went on exploring the place once Ravana ruled.

After a bath, I  did yoga,

rolled up my sleeves,

picked the camera,

Off I went on exploring the place once Ravana ruled!

Rest is a visual journey which can’t be explained in words. So, here I go sharing some awesome pictures (at least I would like to think so)  of my trip.

IMG_20160622_061847147Bentota Beach


DSC_0167View from Shri Bhakta Hanuman Temple, Nuwara Eliya


IMG_20160622_083249247Blooming Lotus at Bentota


IMG_20160618_184559307Tooth Temple, Kandy


IMG_20160618_192159502Tooth temple (interior)


IMG_20160619_064155740Glimpses of Buddha Poornima in the town

IMG_20160622_093741492_HDRStupa at Colombo


DSC_0363Varieties of birds spotted through the backwater ride


DSC_0233Elephant and its keeper


DSC_0240That humbleness in the eye


DSC_0241Group of elephantsDSC_0250Tourists offering fruits to the giant one


DSC_0207Valley at Kandy


DSC_0113Lankan Traditions (The fire act)


IMG_20160621_063057584_HDRThe Palms, Bentota


DSC_0073Negombo Beach


IMG_20160622_060253066Sand dunes at Bentota beach


IMG_20160618_111931192_HDRFace the devil


DSC_0418Streets of Colombo


IMG_20160620_055336615_HDRView from the bed as you wake up at Kandy (Oak Regency)


I have lived these images, so would I recommend you get off the screen and explore the magnificent planet.

Life is beautiful.